LANforge 5.2.13 Released

There’s a number of great features in this latest release. Some highlights:

  • The Atheros10k 802.11ac radio driver supports 64 virtual stations, or 63 with one station in monitor mode
  • We offer the new four-module CT704 attenuators, you can now test 4×4 MIMO radios with LANforge
  • a big improvement in Layer-3 UDP performance with low level multi-packet sending. This allows our embedded appliances to emit almost 1Gbps of small packet UDP traffic!
  • Better IPv6 support: router advertisement and dhcpv6 work smoothly in LANforge now.

Here are the release notes for 5.2.13.

And here is a picture of our four-module CT704 attenuator:

CT704 Four module programmable attenuator
CT704 Four module programmable attenuator